Frequently Asked Questions...


What platforms do you include?

We work on all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Linkedin.

Can my business really benefit from a professional Social Media Management Agency?

Absolutely! Our social media management services allow you to truly be “ubiquitous” – everywhere your clients are, all at once. We create and post strategic, consistent content branded specifically for your business so you can stay top-of-mind with your potential clients.

We also serve as a professionally trained first point of contact for you by answering questions when possible, and relaying crucial conversations to you as appropriate.

As a result, you’ll save a ton of time AND money without having to dedicate internal resources. Perhaps you're already delegating your social media to an overseas VA or an intern who may not understand your industry or the nuances of professional social media management. -This can be a huge mistake!

Who will be working in my account?

We are very proud to have a 100% U.S.A based team. (You can learn more about why this was so important to our founder, April, here).

You will have a dedicated social media manager. Your social media manager will be your main point of contact. They are experts specializing in social media specifically for coaches, consultants, thought leaders, authors, and industry experts.

Our creative team will handle all the social media copy and graphics. Which will then go through our internal review process to ensure that you receive quality work that is on brand every time!

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No long-term contracts here! Our Social Media Management contracts are month to month.  You can cancel anytime prior to 10 days before your next billing cycle.

Should my company be on every social media platform?

Typically, the audience for coaches, consultants, thought leaders, and other B-C businesses industry are on Facebook and Instagram. That being said, You need to be where your ideal customers are.  

Our Social Media Experts will ensure you "show up" on the right platforms with the right message. Schedule a call to find out more now!

If I do not want to be on all the platforms included is there a discount?

There is no discount if you choose not to be on one of the platforms listed.  

Why is a strong social media presence important for my business?

As you know, the first thing a prospective customers will do is search for you on Google. They will look at your reviews, visit your social media profiles, and then check out your website. If they can’t find you, or the results are inconsistent, sloppy, or not impressive, you’ve lost them!

After all, you’re asking them to trust you with their money and their results. Your social media presence shows that you’re the expert in your industry, not a fly-by-night entrepreneur or someone that is treating their business like a hobby!




Do you really stay completely hidden from my clients?

Yes we do!  It’s our mission to stay stealth and completely hidden from your clients.  YOU will have access to our partner portal. All client reports and review links  will include your brands logo and feel.

Where is your headquarters and where are the account managers located?

DFY Unlimited™ is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.  USA. 100% of our account managers are located in the USA.  We do not outsource any of the account management or optimizations over seas or to any third parties. 

Who owns the customer data, creatives, and accounts?

We prefer work with agencies who provide account access and complete transparency to their clients.  We believe that the end clients should have access to the account and have ownership of that data and creatives.  What you see is exactly what we see.  

In the end, the data and account is owned by the end customer.  Some agencies “hold the customer hostage" with their accounts and we’ve found this does more damage than good in the industry.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No long-term contracts here! Our White Label Agency Partnerships are month to month.  You can cancel anytime prior to 10 days before your next billing cycle.

Do you offer any collateral or POS I can send my clients?

Yes!  We have templates in our partners tool set that you can use to “close” your clients.  We have resources like one page pricing sheets to sell your new service, what’s included in the management and so much more.  This way you can send your clients PDFs etc. with your own logo to help seal the deal.

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