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7 Ways to Leverage Email Marketing Automation to Leave Your Competitors in the Dust

Is Email Marketing Automation Important in 2021?

Some may argue email marketing automation it is dead because of the upsurge of social media marketing. I'm here to tell you that is far from the truth! Email marketing is still alive and continues to offer brands a unique way to speak directly to their consumers.

For example, you can send your consumers a direct personalized message based on their actions on your website. That provides a more personalized experience than creating a social media post meant for everyone.

a woman with glasses and a stripe shirt sitting at her laptop wondering if email marketing automation is dead in 2021

However, the task of sending highly personalized emails manually is time-consuming and tiring at the same time. Imagine having to draft and send about 100 personalized emails every day based on your consumers behaviors. That is where email marketing automation comes in handy.

Email marketing automation makes it easier to send personalized messages based on the actions of consumers, such as browsing your shop, registering with your shop, and cart abandonment.

Other benefits of email marketing automation include:

  • Increased landing page efficiency and conversion rate
  • Personalization in email marketing
  • Interactive emails
  • Optimizing email across all platforms
  • Focusing on privacy
  • Email marketing automation

With that in mind, what email campaigns can benefit your business the most? Here are some of the best email automation strategies you need to give a shot and how they can benefit your business.

7 Ways to Leverage Email Marketing Automation for E-commerce:

1. Welcome Sequence:

The first email, that anyone who subscribes to your mailing list is likely to receive, is the welcome email. However, in this case, we are referring to the new subscribers who are yet to convert. With welcome emails having an average open rate of 45%, email marketing automation offers a great opportunity for your business to engage shoppers with captivating welcome messages.

2. Abandon Cart Emails:  

Cart abandonment is not a new thing. However, it is possible to minimize the impact of cart abandonment. 81.4% of online shopping carts are abandoned. That is a huge number coming from users who had shown interest in your products, meaning there is a lot of money you should be getting that you aren't.

An abandonment cart email strategy can ensure you recover the money you lose through cart abandonment by reminding people that they have items pending in their shopping cart. And with an automated email marketing campaign, you can continue to enjoy the benefits long after you push the campaign live.

3. Engage Your Visitors Based On Actions Taken:

Shoppers can perform different actions once on your website. Browse for the latest products, live chat with your support, and so on. Regardless of their actions on your website, and if you can collect their emails, consider sending them email messages related to the action they performed on your site. If, for example, they did a live chat, send a "Thank You" message after the conversation is over. 

4. Nurture Series Are Important Part of Email Marketing Automation:

Lead nurturing is crucial in ensuring your leads convert. With a huge percentage of leads likely not to convert into loyal and paying customers if not nurtured successfully, you want to find a way of ensuring they will buy at the end of the day. Fortunately, sending them a series of nurtured emails as soon as they subscribe to your mailing list can help. If you automate this process, you can be certain they will receive emails that will push them further down the funnel.

5. Embrace Storytelling:

Stories make your brand more relatable for your leads and shoppers. So if you have great stories, you would like to share, do not hesitate. You can even have someone create exciting stories about your brand, then use them as topics for a nurture email marketing automation campaign.

6. Welcome New Customers with Email Marketing Automation:

Assuming you have nurtured your leads and managed to convert them to new customers, don't stop there. They are still new, and you can lose them anytime if they feel unvalued. For that reason, it makes sense to have a series of new customer emails. Strengthen your relationship by sending personalized emails. If you skip this crucial step, there is a high possibility you will leave a lot of money on the table.

7. Repeat Customer Email Sequence:

Repeat customers are a valuable asset to any business, and you should strive to get more. They are a great source of revenue. Imagine waking up every day knowing that there is a significant fraction of your customers who will make a purchase every month. Is that not a good reason as to why you need to strengthen your relationship with existing customers rather than just try to attract new ones? Automated emails can come in handy here. Have them sent to your repeat customers immediately they make a purchase.

Email Marketing Automation Doesn't Need to be Complicated

The idea of email automation sometimes can be overwhelming considering the amount of initial sacrifice you have to make to get everything up and running. It can be so overwhelming to the extent of giving you comfort in holding on to the manual way. That is where Klaviyo comes in to support your business.

Klaviyo is an email marketing automation platform for all businesses doing business online. It allows you to send timely automated emails to the right targets with just a few tweaks. Once you have it configured (which is very straightforward), it does everything else without needing your input. It is simply a tool that lets you make money while you're busy with other core functions of your business.

Whatever customer experience you want to guarantee, Klaviyo allows you to design it in just a few steps. Its user-friendly interface further ensures you design your customer journey end-to-end with minimal effort. In addition, it makes it possible to test and optimize automated emails. That way, you are sure to send emails that will invoke the right reaction.

And if you don't have time to automate your email marketing, Done For You's virtual assistant services ensure you never miss any opportunity with the potential to give your business an edge. Outsource Klaviyo email marketing to DFY Unlimited's team of expert virtual assistants and never worry again about automating the entire process or even finding time to do so.

Let the DFY Unlimited Klaviyo team handle your email marketing automation. This way you focus on other core functions of your business. Get in touch today to learn how we can support your business.


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