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Why You Should Be Marketing On TikTok

White Iphone with animated Tik Tok logo for marketing on tik tok

If you're not marketing on TikTok, you're missing out on a huge audience. After all, the most downloaded app on iOS in 2021 is... TikTok! The app has exploded in popularity since it first launched in September of 2016.

With over 1 billion active monthly users, it has become a major competitor to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The app is predicted to reach 1.5 billion active users in 2022.

Marketing On TikTok

If you aren't taking TikTok seriously as a marketing resource, you're missing out on a valuable audience. As mentioned before, there are over 1 BILLION active monthly users on the app. Over 130 million of those users live in the U.S. 

Many people think that this app is "Just for the kids" but that isn't true anymore. The user base on TikTok is getting older. 

TikTok Users By Age


Marketing On TikTok Encourages More Engagement

25% of the total users on TikTok purchased a product after seeing it on the platform. The average engagement rates for all ads across TikTok is 3-12% CTR. Facebook averages 0.9% CTR and Instagram averages around 2%.

Video marketing is currently the best performing ad type across all platforms. So, it makes sense that a platform built entirely on sharing videos, like TikTok, is a great place for ads.

Users on TikTok also view the ads more favorably than on other platforms. Because of how seamlessly ads are integrated into a users feed, the ads feel more natural.

TikTok Ad Formats

There are several types of ads you can create on TikTok:

 Leggings ad video marketing on Tik Tok
  • Top View Ads
  • In-Feed Ads
  • Branded Hashtag Challenge
  • Branded Effects

Top View Ads

Your ads are placed at the top of someone's feed when they first open the app. So, you're catching their attention right away. 71% of users say Top View Ads grab their attention immediately. It also has the highest engagement rate compared to the other ad types on TikTok.

In-Feed Ads

Top view ads show up at the top of the feed. In-feed ads show up randomly while users are scrolling through the app. One way to do this is with Spark Ads.

Spark Ads allow you to boost an existing video that fits your campaign objectives.

Branded Hashtag  Challenge

Spark trends on TikTok with a branded hashtag challenge.

Branded Effects

TikTok has stickers, filters, and special effects that any user can add to their video. You can customize your own special effects for your brand.

Marketing On TikTok With Influencers

 Charlie D'aMelio on a purple background waving for marketing on Tik Tok

Influencers are HUGE on TikTok. There isn't as much editing, the videos feel more raw and genuine. Influencers like Charli D'aMelio have gained millions of followers since joining the app. By working with these influencers, your ads can reach millions of people in very little time.

Influencer engagement rates range from 4.96% to 17.95%. That's more than double the engagement rates on other major platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

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