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Twitter TIP JAR: New Revenue Stream for Influencers?

If you are a thought leader, content creator, coach or influencer, you need to check out the Twitter Tip Jar feature.
You know that feeling when you're scrolling through your Twitter timeline and see a tweet from someone who has helped shape your life or business in some way?
There's something so personal about the interaction; it feels like we're having a conversation, not just reading an article.

As of today, there is an easy way to show appreciation for these influencers on their platform without having to leave Twitter!

AND if YOU post engaging, valuable, "share worthy" content this is your opportunity to create an additional revenue stream!

Introducing the "Twitter TIP JAR!"

This new feature will allow users to tip their favorite influencers with $$ at any time they want.

A woman holding a phone with a yellow shirt and blue nail polish.  A twitter tip jar with tweets flying out

If you're a Twitter user and an influencer, chances are you have seen the hashtag #tipjar.  Well, it's not just for your favorite barista or waiter.

Several popular online personalities such as Gary Vee (@garyvee) and John Lee Dumas (@johnleedumas) are starting to earn tips from their followers... AND you can too!

A Few kinks and Privacy Issues Twitter  Still Needs Work Out

It's easy to see the benefits of the new Twitter Tip Jar feature on Twitter. You can now send money for free with a simple tweet.  Which is great if you're in need of some quick cash and don't have any other options readily available.

However, there are already some privacy issues that Twitter will have to work out for the "Tip Jar"

gif of brittany spears with a questioning look on her face when she heard about the twitter tip jar

As spotted by Rachel Tobac, sending tips through Paypal using Tip Jar currently allows whoever is sending the money (the tipper to see the recipient’s address.  Understandably, this is definitely a BIG security issue. Hopefully, Twitter and Paypal will resolve it very soon

In an update later Thursday, May 6th, Twitter's support account tweeted: “updating our tipping prompt and Help Center to make it clearer that other apps may share info between people sending/receiving tips, per their terms."

Twitter acknowledged this problem and promised more updates were coming as they "continue working closely" with PayPal on these concerns."

Twitter Tip Jar Feature Gives Thought Leaders & Influencers a New Revenue Stream

The power of Twitter has always been its ability to connect people who share the same interests. Now, with this new Twitter Tip Jar feature that allows you to tip your favorite influencers & creators on Twitter, it’s never been easier for users to show their appreciation in exchange for incredible content!

Thus, creating is an exciting and incredible opportunity!

If you love using social media and are looking for ways to grow your following fast (as well as possibly "get tipped") let's talk!

Now's the time!  Take advantage of this opportunity by checking out DFY Unlimited Social Media Management services today!  

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