YouTube Marketing in 2021

YouTube Marketing In 2021 

Your business is thriving on social media, especially on your Facebook and Instagram accounts. You’ve finally cracked the code to the algorithm...or have you? Possibly for the time being that is. The landscape of social media is forever changing!  Prime example, YouTube Marketing is emerging as a top competitor. There are always new trends surfacing every day, and you're responsible for keeping up with all of them. If not you will end up slipping through the cracks while your competition passes you by!

What is YouTube  Exactly?

You may view YouTube as just a video sharing platform, but YouTube is so much more! Each month over two billion logged in users visit the site and or the mobile version.. Among those who most frequently use the site, are in the age range of 18-34 years old- via the mobile app. They log in a whopping billion hours of video per day more than any television channel.

Oh!...,but wait that’s not the only audience demographic to live on YouTube. 70 Percent of internet users in the United States, ages 46-55 login-in to YouTube. Users 56+, 67 percent interact on YouTube.

All this to say, your customers and potential customers are hanging out watching videos on YouTube. Are you there marketing your business?

YouTube Marketing As A Tactic!

YouTube Marketing should be your top Marketing Tactic for 2021! Write it at the top of your to do list for your business goals  in 2021.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to leave you hanging... this is our guide, made with you in mind for how to market on YouTube in 2021.

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Download Our 2021 YouTube Marketing Cheat Sheet

Our Downloadable Marketing Cheat Sheet, encompasses our top success driven tips at your fingertips! Grasp the concept of YouTube Marketing, and how it can work for you! We will dive in, further explaining how to reach your target audience, as well as positioning yourself as a reliable go-to source in your industry all on YouTube! 

Although some of these practices are universal over all social media platforms, each platform is designed in its own unique way! YouTube is a beast in its own right and should be studied and used accordingly.

Unlike your traditional social media platforms, YouTube is solely a  video streaming platform. With that being said, within the first 30 seconds you need to tackle the following:

YouTube Marketing: How to Draw Your Viewers Into Your Videos 

  • Convince your audience that you are knowledgeable about the subject you're speaking on.
  • Persuade your audience to watch other related videos from your channel.
  • Entice your audience to purchase your product or services. (If not selling, sharing your content would be a great goal).

Do You Know What Businesses Market on YouTube?

Large Corporations and Small Businesses alike use the marketing power of YouTube to reach and influence their target audiences. Top business professionals know that video marketing is one of the top trends for 2021, and is expected to continue to be a top marketing trend for years to come.

Let’s Take A Deeper Look...

YouTube Marketing is hidden within its approach. YouTube, takes the approach of educating and entertaining its viewers. Users of the platform tend to search for How-To, DIY, Honest Product Reviews, and Opinionated Lifestyle Content. Even the concept of their commercials fit into the same marketing approach. Did you know...70 percent of viewers purchased from a brand after viewing their YouTube videos?

Starbucks And YouTube Marketing

Let’s explore the marketing dynamics behind one of the most influential Barista‘s out there.. Starbucks.

Starbucks understands that they have clientele from all walks of life. In order to connect with each demographic, Starbucks has created several different playlists on their YouTube Channel. For example, To Be Human, showcases interviews from different customers and their stories. Their How-To Playlist, provides videos with instructions on how to create stovetop espresso drinks, cold brewed drinks, and other delicious beverages. Possibly the most viewed playlist they have created thus far, The Coffee Recipes Playlist, features delectable delights such as their Iced Coffee Lemonade, Smoked Sea Salt Coffee Floats, and even Cold Brew Mocha Ice Cubes….yum!

This is valuable information for anyone who wants to enjoy a coffee treat at home. Every viewer will receive some type of benefit, even  if they are just  looking for a fun and friendly video to watch while in quarantine, Starbucks customers or not.  Remember viewers want  fun, shareable content. Even someone who doesn't go to Starbucks may share a video from their channel... I bet you never thought that you can create a promoter out of someone who isn't even a customer! That's the power of high-quality, engaging  content. 

Why Should You Consider YouTube Marketing?

Honestly, the real question here is..... Is there a reason you haven't considered joining yet? Take a look

Many marketers focus on two  general ways to market on YouTube. You can 1. Start your own channel, as 62 percent of businesses have done,  or 2. Buy advertising... or both. It's whichever you believe will work out the best for your business.


Turn a Single Video Into Many Pieces of 

New, Authority-Building Micro Content

Micro-Content Professionally Produced to Scale Your Online Presence and Authority

How Do You Advertise on YouTube?

With YouTube Ads, you can create a video ad and have it  placed as a commercial  other people's videos for viewers to see . For example, if you sell garden supplies, your ads might appear before or after a video about gardening or lawn care. The Find My Audience feature, helps you determine who you need to reach, that way your ads show up in relevant areas. 

You  will be able to  set your own budget. The best part is you're only charged when someone actually watches at least 30 seconds of your advertisement or somehow engages with it (like clicking through to your website). You will be able to track the progress of your ads through analytics. This will allow you to make any necessary changes if any. 

How BIG Are Your YouTube Marketing Goals?

If you have BIG GOALS, and are trying to figure out  how to at least do $10 of ad spend per day, you can call a dedicated hotline, and the YouTube Advertising Experts, will help you get started!  If you have a smaller budget, YouTube offers easy-to-follow instructions for uploading your ad, setting your budget, choosing your audience, adapting to  your approach, and so much more.

Do you not know where to start  creating an ad? YouTube, has got you  covered with helpful resources and tips! If you need some  inspiration, check out the Ads Leaderboard—a monthly list of the ads people choose to watch most often.

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What To Keep In Mind When Starting  A YouTube Channel

For starters, SEO matters! YouTube is a search engine. No matter what you're looking for, type it in and you'll get a plethora of menu items to search. Just like on Google, YouTube searches for keywords that indicate the contents of a video you want to see. You will need your videos to show up in these searches. With that being said, you need to optimize them.

This means carefully crafting your title and description, to be clear and contain keywords that will help your video pop up when being searched for. You should also choose hashtags, create custom thumbnails, and add subtitles to your videos. This will help when trying to find your videos as well! The  YouTube Creator Academy, and its sister channel, The Creators Channel go into detail on how to do all of this and so much more.

As with any other social  platform, CONTENT IS KEY!  Someway somehow, you need to provide value. Here are some things to consider to help you on your journey to creating high-quality content that viewers will  want to watch.

Types of Video Content

HubSpot helps identify eight types of videos you could create: Testimonials, Product Demonstrations, Tutorials, Interviews, Case Studies, Live Videos, Video Blogs, and Event Coverage. Each video has its own time and  place where it would be most useful when used.  The best channels out there, generally feature several of these styles. If you're planning on using multiple video style formats, keep them organized in the form of playlists on your channel. 

For example, let us take a look at  Keurig on YouTube. They have a variety of short and witty commercial-styled videos. If you keep exploring, you will notice that they also have playlists with  creative titles such as, "Maintenance for Keurig Brewers" and "Keurig Commercials". By clicking on one of these playlist, you'll find a slew of videos that have been uploaded that fit into that category. If you're looking for how-to videos, you can select the how-to playlist and have them all in one centralized location, ready for you to view. 

If you sell pet supplies, for example, you could make videos highlighting how your pet supplies have made taking care of your family dog much easier. You could do a side-by-side comparison of similar products, i.e. toys, showcasing the durability of your versus the competitor. 

*Side Note:

 Viewers also like to see behind the scenes videos; they also like to know who is behind the camera creating all of the valuable content for the world to see. A day in the life of video is best for capturing those moments.  

Length Of Videos

Two minutes or less, is an ideal time when you are making videos for engagement purposes. Viewers often stop watching videos after two minutes unless you've really done an amazing job at catching their attention. Most likely you will see a continued stream of viewers dropping off as the video gets longer and longer. Some viewers will stay engaged with the video anywhere between 6 to 12 minutes.

Of course, every industry, and every video are slightly different in their own respect. Start with short videos, until you get to know your audience on YouTube. Try to figure out and  understand what would keep them interested for longer than two minutes. Otherwise, those extra minutes and time you spent coming up with the content to go in the video(s) is basically a waste of time!  YouTube offers an outstanding analytics platform. This is a great way to help you keep track of what videos you are producing  that get the  most engagement on your channel.  

Video Quality  

You might not have a professional videography team on staff at your company as of right now, but that doesn't mean you can't  create  high quality conversion worthy  videos.  If your wonder how follow these simple hacks:

  • YouTube Live: People are likely to spend eight times longer watching live streaming videos than watching other videos.  Figure out where your brand can offer these types of real-time interaction videos. For example,  possibly a behind-the-scenes day in the life of videos, Q&A session videos, or how about streaming at your live event or expo.
  • Immersive Shopping: Nowadays, video shopping is like the modern day window shopping. Individuals alike are looking for product comparison videos. What products should they buy? Is it even worth purchasing? Shoppers need answers and answers quickly before they purchase new products, and this is the best way for them to make a determination  fast.
  • How-To Videos: They're as popular as ever! Nine out of ten people tend to turn to their smartphones for  helpful how-to  videos when they're simply trying to figure out how to fix or do something themselves . 
  • 360-Degree Video: This allows consumers to interact with your content on a whole new level! This is a great new interactive, innovative way to introduce new products to your consumers!
  • YouTube Ads: YouTube’s mobile app alone reaches more adult viewers during prime time than any of the  traditional cable channels.
  • Sustainability: Depending upon your business type, offering sustainability tips—For example, how your product contributes to a sustainable lifestyle, or highlighting what eco-friendly measures your company  takes in the office, can help you resonate with new potential customers.


Turn a Single Video Into Many Pieces of 

New, Authority-Building Micro Content

Micro-Content Professionally Produced to Scale Your Online Presence and Authority

Final Thoughts on YouTube Marketing....

Now I did not say you needed to become the next up and coming Universal, or  Tyler Perry Studios... The key takeaway is to  remember that relevance is 1.6 times more important to viewers than production quality

I mean, we all know that no one wants to watch a blurry, shaky video, but viewers will cut you some slack, if what the video is about peeks their interest and what your saying is of relevance!

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